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My professional case studies, freelance projects, and early career work.

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Professional works

RBAC: Access & Permissions



Restructuring Lever's RBAC model to scale alongside our customers as they grow and change their security and privacy needs within a users role.

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Defining Lever's Personas


Org Wide

Project scoping at Lever was not optimized for product. There were 23 personas identified for Lever with no insight into product <> persona fit.

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Data Outliers

Growth Design


Amplitude's anomaly and forecasting tool was built to help users monitor and understand changes in their core metrics.

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Buying a home on the (cold) internet.

UR + UX Design


Credible's pre-approval dashboard empowers users to understand their mortgage buying power and adds clarity to the end to end purchase process.

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In Car Repair

UX + UI Design
Usability Testing

Allows consumers to see accurate estimates for repairs and book appointments with shops that honor those estimates.

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Freelance work

FC: Marketing Redesign

Visual Design


Customer reference platform for B2B business software & services to search and discover validated references

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FC: Software Redesign

Visual Design

B2B Software

The software redesign for Featured Customers vendor facing product where they can manage assets, view engagement metrics, and much more.

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early career case studies

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fun things with no purpose

Build Community Through Art

I hosted a queer paint night in an attempt to grow and connect community.

do you like scary movies?

Having a halloween event this year. Shared with friends in a more festive manner :-)

Surprise! Party Birthday Invite

My partner claims to not be a 60s/70s person, but they truly embody the best of those decades and all it's grooviness. I made this for them behind their back to get all their buds together for their 27th birthday, before they moved from SF to Long Beach.

I miss aim. so i made this from scratch

Yes I really made this from scratch. I had to really dig deep into the internet for some of the assets but 95% of this is made in Figma thanks to nostalgia and bordeom.

Another Surprise Party: We love TikTok

BeReal Could Be Better

Even as a product designer I found myself getting confused with a lot of BeReal's interaction patterns. I redesigned screens for what I *wished* it was. Top grid will show stills from the current design in BeReal. Bottom grid is my *wish*.


I wish