I'm Meghan, a product design strategist  

I’m the wizard behind the scenes orchestrating the magic of user experience. I'm a creative architect; blending creativity and strategic thinking aimed to influence customer behavior, impact business metrics, and make cool sh*t.

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I'm an outcome driven designer

I have 8 years experience, mostly in SaaS and a specialty in product led growth. In tandem to work, I mentor for designed.org and Out in Tech U. I strongly believe in outcomes over output, creating value at the market, company, product, and team levels. I'm currently leading Apollo's onboarding experience design, focused on enhancing acquisition, engagement, and adoption for enterprise-level users seeking to optimize API management through GraphOS, our innovative dev tooling platform.

I've led business critical projects that have significantly reduced churn amongst key customer segments, retaining millions in customer retention revenue. I led Lever's access model (RBAC) initiative in response to a high-demand customer request, representing $2.4MM in annual contract value. Instrumental in both identification and implementation, I introduced custom roles as our solution, yielding a 57% customer retention rate, generating over $1.2MM in gross revenue, and achieving a 75% adoption rate within 3 quarters of release. In Q3 of 2023, the executive leadership team conducted a poll amongst Lever’s strategic customers, showing that 100% voted RBAC as the most valuable feature.

I managed confidential customer data, developing a self-serve GDPR portal for users to oversee data collection and storage practices in compliance with their region. This initiative resulted in generating $1-2MM in retention revenue during the MVP phase.

I’ve built more fun stuff like data portals @ Twilio, tiered account security, machine learning analytics tooling and data viz @ Amplitude, interactive/digital car repair estimator tooling, and much more. Most importantly, I’m a huge Swifty (Taylors version).


Impact at Apollo

The end-to-end designer

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Experience strategist

Partnering with a strategic designer enables customers to reach their "a-ha" faster through frictionless and intuitive experiences, increasing your activations, engagement, and retention.

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Revenue drivers

I'm informed on product led growth strategies, using a fail fast mentality to quickly mitigate losses. Run experiments, iterate quickly, and push solutions that drive the highest ROI for your business.

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Research and insights

The part everyone wants to ski for some reason. Build the right thing so you build the thing right. Know what your customers want and need to influence product and reduce risk.

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Collabortive workshops

Workshops are my best friend. Sometimes all you need is 60-90 minutes to break through roadblocks,  bridge perspectives, and align your team quickly on project goals, outcomes, feature prioritization, north stars, and more via a multitude of creative approaches.

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Persona exploration

It's understandable to want to build the next cool thing, but if your end-users aren't using it, you may end up spending hundreds of thousands on wasted resources. Understanding personas is key to forming a strategic vision that clearly communicates the value-prop to your ICP.

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Product planning

It's not enough to build for "right now". Product experiences are stories told through design; if we don't know what comes next or what we want users to do next, teams find themselves asking what they're building towards and why it matters. Your users might start asking the same.


Reviews from managers, design partners, mentees, PMs, managers, engineers, and co-founders i've worked with.

Colleague, josh

Josh Skinner

Sr Product Designer, Loop

"Meghan was genuinely such a pleasure to work with. From the day she started, she displayed a strong willingness to learn and explore new concepts and ideas. Meghan is also a versatile designer; she is quick to adapt to new problem spaces and environments all while providing a thoughtful and elevated solution in the end. She also spearheaded several critical initiatives at Lever, laying the groundwork for a successful design team. I look forward to having the privilege to work with Meghan again in the future."

Colleague, Skip

Skip Allums

Design Leader | Ex Google, Ex PayPal

"From Day 0 she demonstrated that she was a valuable asset to the team and to our customers. Meghan asks tough questions. She brings her broad design experience and sparks ideas for internal processes. As a Design leader, I have to trust that each person on my team will be a strong user advocate, and Meghan fights for the user every time. Would definitely work with Meghan again!"

Colleague, Deep

Deep Jani

Staff Product Manager

"I worked with Meghan during her time at Lever. Meghan and I were overseeing highly impactful product areas such as data compliance & privacy and User Access & Permissions. I have become a huge advocate for her as she displayed the ability to understand, extract, and synthesize customers’ needs through continuous discovery & research. Not only that but her raw horsepower coupled with strong user empathy bolstered our ability to develop scalable solutions that addressed the most complex user needs while keeping business objectives in sight. Lastly, one of my favorite qualities about her as a person is that she is not afraid to show vulnerability - this benefited us to develop a strong partnership through open, transparent, and respectful communication. I can definitely see Meghan reaching new heights as a designer and would love to work with her again in the future!"

Image of Sophie

Sophie Edelman

Sr. Tech Recruiter, Ford

"I hired Meghan to help design my website. Meghan knocked it out of the park! I was so impressed with how she improved my website designs. She took a standard template I had put together and within a week the entire site had been overhauled and it was such an improvement. I'm very pleased with the work she produced and it was a joy working with her. I recommend!"

image of Cortney

Cortney Ho

Mentee, Out in Tech U

"My name is Cortney and I recently graduated from UC Santa Barbara. Meghan was my Out in Tech (OIT) mentor last fall, and she was the best mentor anyone could ask for. Throughout the 8-week program, Meghan was incredibly patient and supportive of my journey toward professional self-discovery. She always encouraged me to work towards the goals we set at the beginning of the program, elevating my understanding of the diverse demands and roles within the tech industry. Under Meghan’s guidance, I brought together design elements, user interface guidelines, and performance expectations to successfully create a mock product requirements document. At the start of the mentorship, I had no idea what to expect from post-grad life. Now, since I’ve started job hunting, I feel so much more confident and equipped to enter the professional world!"

Image of Steven

Stephen Cohn

Founder, CEO Winware.ai

"Meghan was an integral part of designing our MVP. She is great at capturing user needs and turning them into elegant designs. She works well with both developers and the business team. I loved partnering with Meghan."

Colleague, Taylor

Taylor Jones

Senior Software Engineer

"I love working with Meghan because she is not only thoughtful about her designs but drives them using data and best practices. She is one of the best storytellers I have had the pleasure of working with and works extremely hard to understand the users what their personas need in a way that makes a positive impact not only for our users but for our company. She also is super easy to work with and makes sure I have all of the information and assets I need as a developer to implement her designs."

Colleague, Dani

Danielle Man

Sr. Director of Engineering, ApolloGraphQL

"Meghan has an impressive ability to tackle complex systems design problems. She's a good storyteller, she runs her own research, she's constantly teaching herself new things and keeping up with industry trends. More than other folks, I think she approaches her role with fearlessness and the energy she brings can be the rising tide to lift boats around her. At Apollo, I have seen her build productive x-functional relationships and take initiative to own full business problems and champion design thinking time and time again. We've been working on a long term project together to overhaul our product's information architecture, and the care, research, and exploration Meghan has done have led us to a creative solution that I didn't even think was possible before we started. Every time I get to pair with Meghan on a design problem it gives me new energy. I think her ceiling is extremely high."

partner, Dimitri

Dimitri Salzmann

PM and Developer, Featured Customers

"Meghan is both a fantastic designer and a great team player. Would recommend to any company looking for a designer or product leader"

Colleague, Kaushik

Kaushik Sahoo

Engineering Manager, ApolloGraphQL

"Meghan and I have worked on a variety of projects at Apollo, and her number one skill as a design partner is her ability to critically think through any problem a business is facing/might face. She is driven by data and analytical insights, and when this is mixed with her ability to create beautiful user interfaces, it creates for a stellar combo. You can always trust Meghan to work with all stakeholders to ensure there is proper buy-in across the organization. I greatly appreciate her natural inclination towards product-led growth and desire to consistently start from the perspective of truly understanding what customers want first and foremost."

My superpowers

End-to-end strategy

Design strategy functions as a versatile toolbox, offering a range of value-driven frameworks tailored to desired business outcomes. It's not a one-size-fits-all solution but rather a dynamic resource adaptable to various needs. I firmly believe that aligning project goals and product strategies shouldn't be a lengthy process. I enable teams to make confident decisions through a handful of frameworks and design methods, whether it's prioritizing roadmap items or delving into customer behaviors.  

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Outcomes > output

I craft strategies that prioritize outcomes over outputs, ensuring tangible results. Results from the role based access and permissions project and GDPR are illustrative examples of ROI achievements through design strategy, with one boosting retention revenue by $1.2MM in just three quarters, and the other generating between $1-2MM in ARR from its MVP alone.

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Product sense

Designers often describe a unique ability: we can take ideas or challenges presented by project stakeholders or partners, and immediately envision potential solutions. Creative minds naturally gravitate towards innovative approaches, rooted in empathy for the user. This innate talent, often referred to as intuition, is recognized in business circles as product sense—a valuable asset that allows for a diverse range of perspectives when tackling problems. It's this ability to view solutions through different lenses that empowers designers to offer invaluable insights and drive success in both business and design endeavors.

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Having fun is important, too.

I believe in creating and maintaining a team culture that inspires and motivates those around me. I naturally gravitate towards being the social chair - hosting happy hours, holiday events, trivia, virtual escape rooms, and more. Below is an example of a Halloween event I hosted for our team, where the team painted pumpkins and received surprise frog hats (our team mascot) the day of. Ribbet.

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Published content

Articles published through UX Collective, Medium, and more.
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my logo which is a maltipoo working on a laptop, which represents my dog goose :-)
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my logo which is a maltipoo working on a laptop, which represents my dog goose :-)
Meghan Logan
Dec 2023
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