Hi, I'm Meghan.

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I'm a product designer with 6+ years experience

Currently @ ApolloGraphQL

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RBAC: Access & Permissions


Privacy + Security

Restructuring Lever's RBAC model to scale alongside our customers as they grow and change their security and privacy needs within a user's role.

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Defining Lever's Personas


Jobs To Be Done

Project scoping at Lever was not optimized for the product. There were 23 personas identified for Lever with no insight into product <> persona fit.

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Understanding Outliers in Data

Growth Design


Amplitude's anomaly and forecasting tool was built to help users monitor and understand changes in their core metrics.

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Buying a home on the (cold) internet.

UR + UX Design


Credible's pre-approval dashboard empowers users to understand their mortgage buying power and adds clarity to the end-to-end purchase process.

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Adding Transparency
to Car Repairs

UX + UI Design
Usability Testing

Allows consumers to see accurate estimates for repairs and book appointments with shops that honor those estimates.

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Design of a mobile app develops

Be at the top of google page search by its powerful and incredible Search Engine Optimization technique. Brand your firm with an intelligent marketing strategy.

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Mobile App Landing Template

Know about your company level in market with a perfect & precise market monitoring the system. Advertise about your organization with one of the updated & often using email marketing.

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about me

I'm a Staff Product Designer with 6 years of experience.

I am currently a Staff Product Designer @


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I am also a design mentor on Designed.org and actively mentor LGBTQ+ youth aged 17-24 in the Out in Tech U's Mentorship program to help guide them and grow on their journey through project based work and milestones.

I am a self-taught designer who didn't come from wealth. I got to where I am today after hearing 10,000 no's, and just one yes. Design isn't just my profession, it's my passion. I am interested in mentoring and educating others on product design and general design thinking. I want to help those who don't have the privilege of wealth or the opportunity to explore and ignite their own design passions. Currently open to speaking and mentorship opportunities.

When I'm not designing, I'm with my dog goose, painting, soaking up sunshine, scrolling TikTok, bike riding, shredding on my blades, blasting T-Swift, and overthinking my existence.  

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Advocate for users

I represent the voice of the users in a process that can become lost within operational needs. I advocate for the user's jobs to be done, and ensure the value add is clear.

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Be Transparent

I proactively share core insights from research as well as progress updates on projects to maintain strong alignment with stakeholders + team members.

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Ideate with intent

I prioritize exploring solutions based on quantitative and qualitative research rather than rushing a half-baked solution. I always design with thoughtful intention.

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to infinity and beyond

I don't just think of the right now when designing, but how our solution scales, as well as a clear path on how to get there.

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test + validate. No assumptions.

My process is a wheel made up of discover, define, develop, and deliver. Test, analyze, iterate, and then do it all again...and again...and again..

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team work, baby.

I work with cross-functional stakeholders throughout the org to align expectations, pains, desires, and a unified path forward.

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Josh Skinner

Sr Product Designer & Professor of Design
"Meghan was genuinely such a pleasure to work with. From the day she started, she displayed a strong willingness to learn and explore new concepts and ideas. Meghan is also a versatile designer; she is quick to adapt to new problem spaces and environments all while providing a thoughtful and elevated solution in the end. She also spearheaded several critical initiatives at Lever, laying the groundwork for a successful design team. I look forward to having the privilege to work with Meghan again in the future."
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Deep Jani

Sr Product Manager
"I worked with Meghan during her time at Lever. Meghan and I were overseeing highly impactful product areas such as data compliance & privacy and User Access & Permissions. I have become a huge advocate for her as she displayed the ability to understand, extract, and synthesize customers’ needs through continuous discovery & research. Not only that but her raw horsepower coupled with strong user empathy bolstered our ability to develop scalable solutions that addressed the most complex user needs while keeping business objectives in sight. Lastly, one of my favorite qualities about her as a person is that she is not afraid to show vulnerability - this benefited us to develop a strong partnership through open, transparent, and respectful communication. I can definitely see Meghan reaching new heights as a designer and would love to work with her again in the future!"
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Skip Allums

Design Leader | Ex Google, Ex PayPal
"I hired Meghan onto the Design team at Credible, and from Day 0 she demonstrated that she was a valuable asset to the team and to our customers. Meghan asks tough questions. She brings her broad design experience and sparks ideas for internal processes. As a Design leader, I have to trust that each person on my team will be a strong user advocate, and Meghan fights for the user every time. Would definitely work with Meghan again!"
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