Hi! I'm Meghan

I'm obsessed with solving problems.

At work, I solve a wide range of problems through design centered thinking. My brain alongside timeless design frameworks can be plugged in to a business engine to unlock countless doors of opportunity left to die or never fully realized at all. My favorite part of design is the representation I get to provide for the lost, unheard, or invisible voices waiting in the shadows of product.

Experiences of any size can create meaningful and impactful outcomes, even if it's as simple as making one persons life 0.1% easier. With that... I could say I change the world through design.

Design isn't just my profession, it's my passion. I believe the ability to create experiences through design is powered by the ability to tell captivating stories. Design empowers everyone and anyone, no matter where you come from or how smart you are. I believe it is universal, and at the same time, invisible.  I currently mentor on designed.org and out in tech U, focused on LGBTQ youth aged 17-24. I strongly believe in giving back to those who don’t have opportunities laid out in front of them.

Outside of work, I'm equally obsessed with problem solving. There is something about mystery and the unknown that gets the wheels of my brain turning at full speed. Sometimes I think it's because I've been widely misunderstood my entire life thus far, and have an appreciation for working to understood the other misunderstood parts of life. That can be anything from humans/interactions or be as abstract as concepts.

I love music, playing guitar, Taylor Swift, riding my bike along the ocean path, playing cards, playing video games, and making people laugh. I used to do stand up comedy in 2016 but put down the microphone to focus on my growing passion for design.

Either way, in any world, my superpower seems to be taking all of those misunderstood or lost concepts/voices/people and turning them into stories and experiences that everyone can understand. How cool is it to be understood? And how much cooler is it to be the one providing understanding?